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Attack Part 1 Movie Reviews (2022), Cast, and Release Date

Cast: Jacqueline Fernandez, Rakul Preet Singh, John Abraham
Produced by: Jayantilal Gada, John Abraham, Ajay Kapoor
Director: Lakshya Raj Anand
Release Date: 1 April 2022 

Rating: Update Soon

Attack Part 1 Movie Reviews

Bad boy John Abraham, who has become the troublemaker of Bollywood, is once again making a splash. But this time the bike will not be needed. He himself has become a machine. Nahi Samjhe Attack John Bhaiya’s latest film trailer is out which has once again ignited the superhero fire in the hearts of Hindi cinema lovers. Ex Sun sabotage, the dialogues all suit John perfectly,

Attack Part 1 Movie Reviews

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But there is a difference to say Satyamev Jayate to the content, it was also an action film, which forced the people of Mass Maas Chilla to be sent on brain left. But the theme of Attack is not of fashion. It will also require the brain as the topic of the film is going to be cleared. John will be presented. Superhumans who look from outside, just like you, but their hearts and minds are both machines that follow the orders of science.

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The patriotic website Five Ye Wala Angle has been seen for the first time, otherwise superheroes often just save the world from aliens. The best part of the trailer is the small increment has been cut. Only what needed to be shown was shown. Whatever the plot details were released or else all the good scenes are often put in three 4-minute trailers. Then when you see him in the theatre, he does not enjoy it because everyone has already seen it, it seems that the attack was not done wrong with it.

Attack Part 1 Box office Collection

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Supreme was shown on John, but why did this happen? That secret is still hidden inside the film. Action Action Action Often superhero movies revolve around just this one word, but the X factor of attack is action with emotions. John has two sides in the trailer, one in which he is the family man. Dil Se thinks love, love, Kumar is everything and follows orders like another machine, but actually, she is worshiping the emotions of crores of Indians.

Expectations from Against Dushman Abhi Dekho Attack are high but this is not the first time that Bollywood is putting a superhero film in front of the audience. Badshah Shahrukh Khan His film Raavan Toh Yaad Hi Hoga, yes that is a different thing that we all want to forget him, Permanent there was just a joke in the name of a superhero. Even after spending so much money, the poor hero was left busy only in Chhammak rings.

There was nothing to see in the relation, while the story of the will of the manner was only and only with computer bats, an attempt was made to make the public crazy. Now it’s up to John and it is important for him to learn from Rahul so that the old mistakes don’t get repeated. Attack has all the good stuff. A body, action, heroes, technology with sci-fi, patriotic emotions, not aliens, real-life, enemies, idiots, terrorists, and sabotage that makes action musical, is also needed by the GM.

So it’s just the story that connects all these well and not the item songs and romantic songs. Bhavesh Joshi Super Hero This is India’s best superhero movie to date, but there are not only emotions, typhoid, technology, if the attack reaches even 10% of this film, but no friends can also your Indian cinema really compete with Hollywood. Let’s quickly tell the commerce market.

On April 1, 2022, the name of the attack will be written on your ticket or else your hands will be empty. Really this time Bollywood will be able to use John Abraham properly or else salt will be sprinkled again on the wounds of Satyamev Jayate.

Attack Part 1 Trailer

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