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Bachchan Pandey Review Budget & Box Office Collection – Thenextwired

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Kriti Sanon, Arshad Warsi, Prateik Babbar, Jacqueline Fernandez, Pankaj Tripathi, and Seema Biswas.
Produced by: Sajid Nadiadwala
Director: Farhad Samji
Release Date: 18th March 2022 

Rating: 7.2/10

Bachchan Pandey Review

Bachchan Pandey Review

Bachchan Pandey was the trailer of more than 3.5 minutes, in which it was almost understood that the story of this film is of a filmmaker who has got the responsibility of a dreaded gangster Bachchan Pandey. Now further add as much chili masala, romance, action to it. According to taste, Kriti Sanon is a filmmaker who brings Arshad Warsi with her by giving her lollipops to work in films. In the stronghold of Bachchan Pandey so that a film can be made on him, but Bachchan Pandey is Bachchan Pandey.

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If he could have caught them so easily, then the film would not have been of two and a half hours but would have ended in 30 minutes. So you can watch the film to see what Kriti Sanon had to endure in the midst of making a film on Bachchan Pandey. But after this review so that you can decide whether to watch this film or not? We will start with the screenplay department of the film. The screenplay manages to make an impact to some extent. Where the story picks up pace in the first half, which exemplifies that the real avatar of Bachchan Pandey is shown through a song.

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In that intro song itself, by showing his fight scenes, murder, shooting, etc., it is told that Bachchan is Pandey’s personality. Meaning the intro song is also done and the hero’s intro is also explained to the audience. Similarly, it was better to show the love between Jacqueline and Bachchan Pandey scene by scene. The feelings between the two were shown with a romantic song. That is, in many places, without wasting time, an attempt was made to tell more in some places, which was good.

Bachchan Pandey Box office Collection

Day1₹13- 15 crore estimate
Day2₹12-14 Crore estimate

But in the second half, all of them are seen running water. The story slows down in the second half, there is a shooting scene in which too much time was taken and that time is felt more because the comedy punches used during that time were not proving effective. Pankaj Tripathi’s jokes were cracked at the one-half place, but at the maximum place, he also did not seem to be successful. As a result, those scenes start getting canceled a little and once in a while, you can also yawn from your mouth. Like I came.

Apart from these, in a scene, Akshay Kumar’s special man tells Kriti Sanon that he was with her at the time of such incident but when that incident is shown in flashback, he was not with Akshay Kumar at that time. The VFX used during the initial casting is nice to watch. The beezy used together also looks impressive. Good city graphics are also seen at many places in the film. The noise of cars in the rain is shown in this way. He adds value to the film.

We often talk that why the biopic of gangsters thieves is made, then the answer is also seen in the film. When Kriti Sanon wants to make a film on a social worker, the producer says who will watch it? Make it on some gangsters etc. so that people watch the film. Action scenes are seen in one-take shots at one place in the film, which is possible only with good choreography. Many looks are also seen in the film where the scenes have been used without thinking.

Kriti Sanon is directing the film and the actress was in the shot with Akshay Kumar. If Akshay Kumar is unable to speak the dialogue, then Arshad Warsi calls Kriti. The girl has a black shirt, you would have stood on her that Bachchan Pandey would feel. Now it was a coincidence that the director Sahiba had already come wearing the same clothes which the actors were also wearing.

If you look at the magic acting, then Akshay Kumar you are such an actor, the kind of acting he has been doing, he was seen doing the same here too. No extra effort is seen in his acting. Meaning there was no performance like the Oscars. At the same time, as she has been acting with Kriti Sanon, in the same way, she is seen acting here too. That means it is not their fault either.

The script is such that wherever we are not in a position to give the performance like mere or Mother India. Actors Arshad Warsi was also seen doing as much as the script demanded. When Sanjay has these films which have not been missed. Although, his character of the kind did not have much scope in it. The same thing applies to Pankaj Tripathi to do something. One or two panchayats of theirs explode. But he also failed to temper the films properly. The music of the film is fine, the picturization of the songs is good.

Some rooms make the scene powerful from inside as well. BJP feels different. Although there are many scenes here in films like South films. Director Farhad Samji has been seen missing on many occasions. There are flaws in his direction. Even after having a good budget, this film could not leave its impact. Twice remakes have been successful films on this script, But the changes made in Hindi cinema and the way in which the film has been executed. She could not make such a big splash in the film somewhere. Which was to be expected.

Bachchan Pandey Trailer

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