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15 Best Games like Stardew Valley on Pc

15 Best Games Like Stardew Valley 2020

1.Wild Season

Wild Season

The Wild Season is the ideal selection for the two Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley since it provides the same type of gameplay with the same intent. Should you start as a young farmer afterward a person that purchases a brand new land in a rural city. Your job is to knock out all of the barriers on your own floor including the boulders and logs. After this occurs, you need to sow the land and utilize different tools to start your farming experience.

The game focuses a lot on the story and contains intriguing gameplay. You’ll end up immersed in the story of the game and will likely ignore a few of the insects you might discover through the gameplay. Wild weather can surely be a fantastic alternative to the stardrive Valley.
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2.Voodoo Garden

Voodoo Garden Trailer en v2.mp4

The Voodoo Garden is another perfect Stardrive Valley perfect alternative that requires players to grow herbs, trees, plants, and more at a leisurely pace. The game is for those of you who are just looking for a casual time-killing game if you join it the game has a ton of interesting things to offer. You can adopt pets in this game, you can take care of them and you can watch them grow up. The game also has little supporting spirits to help you in all your work. The gameplay is simple enough to get a hang and pretty much anyone can play without a second thought.

3.Farm for your Life


Normally, in this one farming game, you grow a field, shield it in bad weather, expand the game, sell it, along with your harvest. This one is mainly entertaining, but games can at times be a little repetitive and dull. In shape to life, you can’t get bored because it supplies a lot of different genres blended in one game.

You need to grow a farm and expand it as a farming simulator. (Games Like Stardew Valley) So Farm For The Life is also a wacky mixture of genres in a thrilling game that provides something for everyone out there.

4.Yonder: The Cloudcatcher Chronicles

yonder the cloud catcher chronicles prideful sloth pc indie game

In Case Stardust Valley and Breath of the Wild had a loving Kid, Yonder: The Cloudcatcher Chronicles would have Led. The game is also a perfect combination of a relaxed open-world adventure game using a farming simulator and it’s certainly a great deal of fun. The game also comes with a vibrant open-world pursuit with a slew of things to do, character modification, crafting, structure, and, obviously, farming.

Here you have the chance to follow along with the research line and where you choose it or you may spend some time doing whatever you’re doing in the open world with no worries. The very best thing about the open world in Yoner: it’s of Cloudcatcher history it is lively and it changes by season.



If you are a simulation fan, however, you want to try out something fresh and different from farming, we have got the perfect game for you today. Recettear: The story of an item shop is gameplay somewhat like a farm simulator concerning gameplay, but in this game, you’re responsible for the item shop and your task is to handle the shop. (Games Like Stardew Valley) However, you start out as a young woman, who also possesses an item shop following the premature passing of her dad.

You must supply your items out of several dangerous places. Occasionally it also means to market on your shop, fight monsters, fight monsters and gather valuables. To cover all debts you want to rekindle the shop to its prior glory. The game is also a perfect mix of simulation and dungeon crawling.

Buy ($19.99)

6.Fantasy Life

fantasy life

This fantasy life, as its name implies, is all about playing leading a rich fantasy life in the digital world. This gameplay delivers a beautiful and broad open world with beautiful images and a great deal of different segments for extra gameplay value. Each class performs different characteristics and actions that increase the overall repeat value of this game. (Games Like Stardew Valley) You select which life you’ll play here and appreciate all of the abilities and advantages that come with your favorite life. Playing each life increases the overall repeat of the game and gives hours of enjoyment and excitement with each different course.

Buy ($57.90)


If you’re a Minecraft fan and are looking for something fresh concerning”Minecraft along with also the game of farming”, this Staxel is a game you shouldn’t miss. Staxel is a blockchain RPG with farming and societal aspects like Minecraft, for example, Stardew Valley. (Games Like Stardew Valley) This game will be far faster than Stardew Valley, Thus if you’re a person who will nothing like looking for matters to happen from the match, I’m convinced you’ll enjoy Staxel’s fastpaced game play.

Buy ($19.99)

8.Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor


Stardew Valley is a fun and uplifting game, the exact opposite of a Spaceport Janitor’s diary. The game is classified as an anti-adventure title and requires players to pick up trash in an overseas market. You play as a watchman who has a (Games Like Stardew Valley) free subsidized job working in the trash and dreams of leaving the planet Rock of Zabaran. Instead of farming, and you have other daily tasks, Participating in which helps you make your dreams come true.

Buy ($4.99)



It’s also a control game daily, where you operate as a shopkeeper, it interacts with clients and it is that sort of amazing, mind -Easy, reassuring shelves with mediums. However, through the night, as a warrior, then you need to go diving into the Roguelike dungeon to scratch on the merchandise in your shop. Oh, this and if we mention that the overreaching story is incredible. It’s all fate and it’s filled with anguish and also a little family play. It’s absolutely a nail-biting and self-lasting, preoccupied gameplay that is also around the Stardew Valley,(Games Like Stardew Valley) with just a little bit of Isaac’s bindings and also a Dark Souls mention with a few tongues in cheek. Get prepared for a new dependence.

10.My Time at Portia


It is also a bit Hard to Get into My Time in Portia like Stardew Valley. But that, the world is becoming so delightful and rewarding, this and that to socialize with, you won’t be in a position to really make up for this shortly. The best way to describe My Time in Portia is to say that the Sims-like to cross with the stalks also, with lashings of Studio Ghibli-Esque graphics thrown on top for even more good step, like That some kind of wonderful Sunday.
The game is just as much about becoming part of this Portia community since it’s about farming or farming, and also part of its allure.

Everyone just wants to be your BFF here, it is your choice to invite them in your inner circle. Insert that pursuit to all friends for your workshop and the constant search for tools to make items for the city as a whole and you are really suddenly very busy. And wait, is the whole weekend gone?


Ooblets are in development for many years and regrettably, release date still does not appear to become. Despite currently being away nonetheless, Ooblets has been being widely-anticipated after with an impression of potential gamers directly in 20 17 having its adorably awkward dance moves together side Pokemon-like plant creatures. Ooblets will permit you to customize your style together with pastel-colored type alternatives and embellish your home or apartment with all furniture.

You may spend some time researching the town and growing ooblets in your own garden before shooting them out to dancing battle contrary to other personalities’ ooblets animals. Ooblets’ dedication to healthy awkwardness is at the names of its animals which can be full of names such as”chickadingding,””dumbirb,” along side”shrumbo” among plenty of people.

12.World’s Dawn

World’s Dawn is one of those games like Stardew Valley that really stays accurate to the source material. It may be a little rougher around the edges In comparison to Concerned Ape’s evolution, but all the recognizable mechanics and intentions are everywhere there.
Fish, frolic, sell vegetation in festivals and work your way to reigniting a sad, drowsy village. It is a little distinctive in areas, particularly Because of its 4:3 aspect ratio as well as the truth that you can not really transform your farm, however, it is still fairly amazing.

13.Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

You might well be asking your self why there isn’t any Harvest Moon name on this specific collection of games like Stardew Valley, seeing this that’s exactly where this whole matter commenced. Harvest Moon is now called Story of all Seasons, and also the latest entrance while in the series to receive its own 3DS, which originated in 20 17, is fairly amazing. Tale of time of year: Trio of most Towns is only like cutesy and twee as the name indicates it is in fact. As the narrative seems to move, you start as a brand new, inexperienced predator, even too through the duration of the narrative, you may finally end up becoming a bustling and effective block of land. New cities, individuals, together side gameplay mechanisms are consistently introduced like you get started thinking that boredom slid on.

14.Slime Rancher

At Slime Rancher, rather than plants, you are actually reaping poop – officially called plorts in-game – out of adorable, resilient, small slimes themed around different creatures or items, from tabby cats into Bulbasaur-like Tangle Slimes. You exchange plorts around the Plort Market, together with profitable type s changing and shifting like an actual stock market for poop. You’ve got your Slimes bouncing around in hutches too, generally, slough off because they have a propensity to eat one another, or even plorts from the other species, that actually creates both hybrids that are adorable.

It’s absolutely adorable and soon it’s necessary to begin throwing Tabby Slimes into the Incinerator because their plots are not worth, well, plot. Yes, I understand, I am a dreadful, heartless, (rich) creature. It isn’t exactly Stardew Valley, however, it’s the exact same type of idle, and adorable, the fun you can not help sinking numerous countless hours to.

15.Farm Together

The variety of plants and livestock is very overwhelming, so assume llama and murdered pumpkins and critters, and also the only real constraints to a farm’s dimension and the amount of money that you wish to devote to enlarging it. You may retain the services of farmhands to help, and also different players may help if they truly are feeling generous. The match operates in real life, which means you will shortly be obsessing on the simple fact bad preparation signifies you have to crop your wasabi harvest at 3 am, and also the more you perform that the more you unlock. This is really a vicious habit, but oh so pleasing.

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