Brawndo The Thirst Mutilator

I received this package. It came in the mail. The package was luggage. I opened the package that came in the mail and it was a paper. The piece of paper was the words. I hate words. Like tv, I like watching this Violence Channel. It is brought to you by Carl’s Jr. TV because he is not many words.

But it was the words in this piece of paper. The paper piece started off boring slow, with drink maker Redox Ardor whose lineup controversially includes cocaine, announcing the addition of its own line of energy drinks! ‘It sucke16d that part of a piece of paper. Then I liked the front piece of paper because that’s what Brando was about.

Brawndo The Thirst Mutilator

It’s a Brawndo The Thirst Mutilator. Is that what the plant craves. It contains electrolytes. This is called the front of the piece of paper. But this piece of paper moved forward with more smart talk. “Blah blah lemon is an endurance supplement drink. It is bright green with a smooth tangy flavor, refreshes Brawndo and energizes with 200 mg of caffeine, electrolytes, inositol, and guarana.” It also sucked that part of a piece of paper. A piece of paper sucked,

but there was more stuff in the box that I found in the mail. It was four cans of bravado. A Brawndo is a thirsty mutant. This is what plants crave. It contains electrolytes. I opened a can of Brando and drank it. I could taste electrolytes. It tasted like lime otter pop. It calmed my thirst. I like Brando. Brawndo The Thirst Mutilator

It is better than the water item that comes in the toilet. This Brawndo contains electrolytes. This is what plants crave. It is a Brawndo The Thirst Mutilator.

Is brawndo a real drink?

It’s a standard fare energy drink, save for one detail: it’s not a real product. Or at least it wasn’t, until a graphic designer from Oakland, California, wrote The New York Times According to this, it began production of the drink as a tribute to one of his favorite films. This Brawndo was portrayed in the 2006 dystopian comedy Idiocracy, which produced the dull-jawed yokels by Security had imagined future as an exaggerated-drive society.

In this film, Brawndo was a highly preferred beverage, and it was marketed as a healthy alternative to watering electrolyte-containing drinks, resulting in a global food shortage. It was a film quietly released by Fox, but it was directed by director Mike Judge’s Indy Creed as the basis for the film.


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