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Top 10 of the Best BuzzSumo Alternatives for Your Business in 2020

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best BuzzSumo options for many different use cases. buzzsumo alternatives, Each of these tools provide some sort of “trending material” feature, but where the pay really ends is the similarities. When you have scammed different social channels for your viral content, then you favor your team and you see these options.


EpicTrack is an excellent buzz sumo alternative to data-driven marketing in particular. EpicTrack allows you to combine your website’s efforts to share your content with analytics. Which, with its in-depth analysis features, shows the specific ROI of each article that you have shared. You can use their Mention Analytics and Sentiment Analysis to find out what you read think about your content.

Can. By using sentiment analysis, you can get an idea of ​​the tone of your article’s comments. Depending on the responses, you can react quickly. You do not need to know the medium of every mention.

Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach makes effective marketing to the business easy. This is an alternative to BuzzSumo to help you find influential people who fit your niche and have a specific profile. Once you make the right impression, you can find their contact information through Ninja Outreach Huh. In detail, your outreach process that affects you can be streamlined. It also allows you to search for the trending content and helps to give you access to customize CRM software.


It is an all in one platform for Buzz Sumo market to explore your content creation, social media management, and content curation tools. Before submitting an article, Content Studio predicts Content Studio whether or not this article has the potential to make your viral article . It uses social engagement data for you. You can also set up an auto-update process. In this option, you can. the choose some domain for which you want to auto-update your theme. Es.


Alltop can’t do everything that BuzzSumo does. Which, it is not a BuzzSumo option. But it can help your content for the ideation process. buzz sumo alternative, It can be a platform that puts all your headlines on the web in one place. The great advantage of using AllTop is that it can easily cut through your noise. This list verifies all blog posts before adding them, so it makes it less likely to find broken links. If you are only brainstorming on content ideas then this is good.


It is a BuzzSumo alternative. It shows more than 6 million pages per day. With a huge index like this, this may be the best SEO tool you can trust for the content marketers. While Buzz Sumo allows for viewing of the posts that are most link sharing, one step ahead of the Ahrefs. This allows for the checking pages that are visited more.

The Ahrefs provides features to search for competitive traffic keywords, research, guess, domain, social, word count, mentions, and more. This buzz sumo option is also called the all-in-one the content discovery platform and best SEO tool.

Social Animal

Social animal This is Buzz Sumo’s similar option as it comes with almost all features of Buzz Sumo. It also offers additional options such as a deep research keyword that allows you to see keywords within the body of the articles. The social animal gives valuable content insights from BuzzZoomo such as the optimal title and content length of the specific keyword.

It also provides recommendations on when to publish your article and which social media platform will work well for any particular topic for your article. Their “Influencer Outreach” feature lets you search the finder for any given Allows to see articles shared by them for keywords. You do not need to do a manual search for the articles and influencers everyday. This is because their personalized reporting the feature keeps you updated daily by emails.buzzsumo alternative.


It is a free BuzzSumo alternative that acts like an RSS feed providing hundreds of application integrations. Which, using this tool, you can pick up content in any niche, and can read and even share. the best part of the feed is that it removes all the distractions so that you pay attention to the reading. To focus. So, it does not let you bother with pop-ups or advertisements in your tool.

You can keep an eye on your social media accounts and this tool can be used to keep track of your mentions and keywords as well. This is a free alternative to BuzzSumo. However, it does not have advanced features such as affected search and outreach. If you are looking for a single content discovery platform, then Feedly is a great option. buzzsumo alternatives.


Scoop.it is a powerful buzz sumo option for content creation and is a user-friendly tool. It crawls millions of web pages on a daily basis and works by organizing its content according to the most relevant topic. The tool makes it easy for users to edit relevant content and filter and share it.

Scoop.it is an interesting efficiency-boosting alternative from content marketers, thought-leaders and other experts. For content that serves a variety of purposes Curates. It comes with a complete set of functionality that allows for maintaining brand awareness to be produced, as well as distributing and searching for information on the web. This as a cherry on top – this BuzzSumo Is much less than.

ShareIt by Social Pilot

ShareIt by Social Pilot This is a tool that helps you discover new influences with your content curation. These features are very similar to those of Buzzsumo. So in this truest sense, you can use this as a BuzzSumo option. When you find a trending content of ShareIt here, you can also see their list of influencers who have shared it. This feature makes it easy for you to find an affected in your choose niche. This way, you can take on influencers based on your choose niche with particular subjects.


Oktopost is a BuzzSumo better option designed for content marketers of social media managers working in B2B companies. With this content search you can setup RSS feeds to track to the sources of content. Using their browsers, you can easily share the content schedules here. Because this is the main focus of B2B companies.

So the ensured that business could measure the ROI of their content. the Oktopost is similar to a marketing automation platform that can be integrated with Marketos, Sales Force, and others. Depending on your needs, Oktopost tailors its packages and has options for custom pricing.


It is an alternative to BuzzSumo focused on marketing various social media platforms. Using Sprout Social, you can help marketers understand how successful their social media campaigns are. Their analytics reporting features can help you understand which metrics you can perform well in. This tool allows for some great integration for the focuses on the customer. It sends its messages directly from its social channels to the dashboard. Authorized users can reply to messages without switching on their accounts. Marketers can follow mentions of their brands with their built-in monitoring feature. This is a Buzzsumo option for those looking primarily for a tool for social media management.

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