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Google Adsense Approval Trick in 2020 for Blogger and WordPress

Adsense Approval:-Use every individual trick as suggested. I am sure you will never face unsuccess. In short, I have to tell you that Adsense Approval is not a trick. In reality, there is no such idea available. So I will share with you all the guidelines that can help you in Adsense Approval Trick 2020.

Google Adsense Approval Trick

Google Adsense Approval Trick 2020 To Approve Fast

Let’s start.

Number Of Posts on New Website

If you make your post a priority post before sending an approval request, then send it for google AdSense approval trick 2020 The post should be a community post and a unique post, there should not be a copy-paste anywhere else, there will not be any approval, put some unique posts in your own words.

Each post should be at least 400-600 words long and there should be at least 10 posts, approval requests And a post continuum for 2-3 days indicated to them that you make a real contribution.

Optimized Themes for the Websites

It is an important factor for approval in AdSense. One thing to be noted is that this can be done for a blog maker. So make sure the theme and template in it are not too bright and colorful.
There should be a simple and clear-cut subject in which you do not need to set up and invest your website easily. The theme should be such that it should be friendly for desktop and mobile.

Link Custom Domain Name

If you have started a blog from Blogger then you must have found Blogpost.com.
If you want to write ideas and experiences for sharing then this free domain is good for you If you aim to monetize your website.

If you want to start a website on Blogger, then you can apply for Adsense Approval Trick.
If you want to get started with WordPress then you will definitely need a custom domain and hosting. So in the case of both Blogger and WordPress, you will need a well-known domain like .com,.info.net, etc.

Buy Extention with. You mostly try to buy Extention like cam into ret so that you can get a worldwide audience. You can buy custom domain GoDaddy and Namecheap from another website.

Mandatory Pages for Website

It is compulsory to have some important page on every website, I am telling you about some page. This is the same page that tells about the website, each one needs a link to the home page of your website which is the top bar or footer bar of the website.

About Us Page to Describe Website

This is the most important part, this page should detail future plans and vision about your website. Try to write at least 300 words And visit the page of the example. About us

Privacy Policy for the use of Cookies For the terms and conditions, you type in the privacy box in the Google box and copy-paste Make some changes in this template, website name, and email id, etc.

Do not worry at all there will be no adverse effect on your website as this post is not just a page.

Contact Us Page for Help

It is also necessary to have a contact page, such as if you want to do any information from you or your website, then that page can contact you.

Create a Social Media Profile

Also created some social media profiles which when requesting google Adsense Approval tricks So you must create a Facebook and Twitter account on the website and link it to your website.

Best Theme Recommended me
Best Recommended for all types of Blogging.
• Ocean WP
• Generate Press
• Astra

Buy Best Speed Hosting for Good Website Speed

The most important point is that the speed of the website should be good. The loading speed time will be at least 2-4 seconds, so your website ranks quickly.

FAQ’s on AdSense

How to start a journey blog Blogger and WordPress?

If you are reading this post for google Adsense Approval tricks, then you have your blog or you are planning to start. If you are planning to start a blog, then I am telling you about two major guides. Adsense is the main source of earning by blogging strat.

Google Adsense Approval tricks from many of us are being rejected. What is the problem that Adsense Approval is not available, how to correct it? If you do not know about Adsense how it works, then you can learn about Adsense by reading here?

In this guide, I will share with you some google Adsense Approval tricks that will help you to start a hundred percent work. You can start a blog on any platform. There is no problem. Whether you are starting on a blog blogger or WordPress.This trick is the same for both. This trick will tell you how to approve Adsense fast.

I have tested this all for myself. I have not received approval reject from this trick on any of my websites. I am sure that if you use this track, you will get a 100% approval.

how can I get AdSense approval fast and approval for a long time?

There is no fast or slow system for AdSense approval, it all depends on the AdSense team as the number of Adsense requests. Ideally, if you use the above strategy, you can get approval early or get approval in at least two to three weeks.

How much traffic need for Adsense approval?

There is no traffic limit for the new website. Your website domain should be 15 days old and your website is getting 1800+ words post and getting about 6-7 organic traffic.

Can I get AdSense approval on subdomains The subdomain is part of a domain?

If you already have approval for Domains on Adsense, then you can add ad code to Subdomain. If Subdomain has good traffic and texture, Adsense approval can be found.

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