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Popurls: Popurls Mobile

Web 2.0 is on the craze, a simple language aggregator that has emerged as a popular phenomenon and has been a model for thousands of tones and partially for the famous copycat.


The Tapes up is acquired by a startup incubator after a good and long ride, but the final insulation it for strategic reasons.

At this time Twitter and Facebook became the new fire hose and the infotainment monster, it was eating the social news industry without a sigh of relief. But despite all the predictions from the social gatekeepers and more advanced news readings apps.

Do these people continue to haunt me with how much they like the original idea of? quick, non-personal, unfiltered news time and anti-social sync.

Popurls Mobile

Keep up to date on what is happening in the world by visiting the URL link through the most popular various publications.

Enjoy the best of popurls.com on your mobile. There is also a convenient way to visit this website and consume its content at your hand’s convenience.

It is ideal for people without Android devices or browsers who are unable to render mobile websites properly.

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