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Projectors 2021, Projector Reviews, LCD Projektor, Home Theater

What is projektor? You all must have seen using a projector in class, nowadays people use the projector at weddings and in their homes too.


But do you know what this video projector is? And how does it work? There are different ways of doing this. If you want to know the complete information about the projector then you must read this article till the end.

Now is the time when blackboards were taught in classrooms, in which blackboards were filled with maths equations and science diagrams. Teachers were often required to use chalks to write a concept to explain. Sometimes these blackboards cannot be explained properly.

In such a situation, teachers can easily explain all the concepts to the students much better with the use of digital projectors. And without any chalks, time wastage can be saved. Due to more time due to digital projectors, students can ask more of all their doubts. So what are the projectors starting without delay?

What is projector?

To say projektor in a simple language, it is a device that uses series of chips, lenses, color wheels, and other gadgets and gizmos which takes a beam of light and then replaces it with your favorite movies. , TV shows with high definition.

This projector is an optical device that projects an image or moving images video and is mainly a projection screen above a surface. In today’s time, the most common type of projector is used, that is also video projector. We can call it digital replacements of the first type of Projektor such as slide projectors and overhead projectors. etc

The invention of digital projectors was first done by Charles Francis Jenkins in 1894. Today’s projectors and old projectors are nothing in common. Where in earlier original models the light is blasted by celluloid film and images and audio were strung into it.

What is projector and its types?

There are many types of Digital Projektor but three of them run the most.

  • DLP
  • LCD
  • CRT

What is DLP Projection?

DLP Projection is quite technology-based. It is also called a digital micromirror device over an optical semiconductor, this chip was made by Texas Instruments in 1987. A DMD Chip is made up of millions of tiny mirrors, which keep rotating.

DMD chips have extra shade, it can also be controlled. Many affordable products can be made easily with DMD chips.

What is an LCD projector?

An LCD projector is a video projector that is used to display displaying video and images, computer data, or to show on another flat surface. This projector overhead is the modern version of the Projektor. A prism from a metal-halide lamp separates that light into three polysilicon panels – one for red, the other for green, and the third is the video signal for blue components.

What is CRT Projector?

CRT Projektor is the most used projector. You must have seen this Projektor in the auditorium or bars of the school. CRT utilizes these three colors to combine and converge and create the image.

What is the projector’s Throw Distance?

This is the throw distance of a digital projector within the image of that projector and the screen (ie the distance as far as the image can be “thrown”).

What are Projection Screens?

It is a projection screen where there is a surface and a support structure in the installation and a projected image is used either to install display projection screens either permanently or as a semi permanent in a movie theater such as a conference. is kept in the room.

Which projector is good to buy?

By the way, there are many varieties of Projector in the market to buy. But there are some of them with more functions, which do not have many features. So below, I have made a list of some best Projektor, which you can buy online from here if you want.

  • JVC DLA-X5900
  • Sony VPL-VW300ES
  • Optoma HD39Darbee Special Edition
  • BenQ W1070 +
  • Optoma UHD65

What does projector use in education?

Digital Projector has many benefits, but they are used the most in education sector, meaning that they are most used in the field of education.

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