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Rocketry The Nambi Effect Review, Cast & Crew, Release Date, R. Madhavan, Simran

Rocketry The Nambi Effect Review, Cast & CrewStar Cast: R. Madhavan, Simran, Rajit Kapur, Ravi Raghavendra

Rocketry The Nambi Effect Review
  • Release Date: July 01, 2022
  • TNW Rating: 3/10
  • Director: Madhavan
  • Producer: Vijay Moolan
  • Music Director: Sam C S
  • Cinematography: Gopi Amarnath
  • Editor: Sathish Suriya

Rocketry The Nambi Effect Review

Rocketry The Nambi This film is the best, you must have seen the sky over India’s rocket scientist Nambi Narayan many times, you have everything in his hands and feet to reach India, you must have known about NASA, to reach there any part of the world. The scientist has the biggest dream, but Nambi Narayan is the only person who had closed the door on NASA’s mouth because it seemed more important than money, a dream seen by the country.

Then what happened that after some time a patriotic scientist needed to betray the country, yes, in front of the camera of the media, the police took him to jail by beating him with sticks, and he also had a Sikri connection with Pakistan. It is happening now you must be thinking that if a film is made on a man, then the things said above are false, then what is the truth, will this film made after 30 years be able to answer all the questions, see if I speak in very clear words, rocket mask is not there. Not everyone can enjoy it.

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Because it has nothing to do with entertainment, but on whom this film is made, long sir, his own life is not less than the story of a film, hey dear hero, even if you don’t know, suspense thrill and special secret will hold you till the end. Will keep the climax strong enough to make you think Hindi film is as much as it is needed and the film is about it, its tracking percentage is also not wasted time, only the rocketry has been made on the same pattern, on the same pattern. Rocketry The Nambi Effect Review

Now just watch the story and enjoy, the most amazing thing is that the topic of the film is based on rocket science, so there are many such dialogues that will make me sail like you, so in order to make their films an interesting way, small short stories which are the brother I can guarantee you one thing which Indian words are one of the way explained by words on this day that character play in this film has directed him.

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But this director came out of a person who was with him or not, you do not know his marriage, but it is important to know that it is good to get treatment for everyone who sees it, does not feel scared, is it not? Just like the matter of physics can be talked about all these but rocket has nothing emotional Where you feel something if you feel something, then who will make and adapt and adopt and other losers will come to your eyes. Said those who want to investigate Nambi Narayan completely.

Even if you have forgotten, you have forgotten, sir, look mother, I know a lot, I rarely request any film, I request you, if you miss, then the next part of the discussion will definitely be in India if the films are mentioned in the history. Give this film a miss out of five from their side, first out of five,

then we have to toss the second one for the first to the very first sir to wale clause. Second Science Second Science Team non skill nor time wasted in BJP was not missed. Rocketry The Nambi Effect Review

Sarkar Kahani Ki Sarkar Kahani Ki Kahani Ki Kishan Ki Kishan of Scientific Things, to do the printer right immediately and direct the fifth medium, a person who has to force how many parts every day after being named Sultan, not for Please Films himself. Shake everyone, do not hold back from making it free from the front, if you liked something in the rest of the reviews, then share the post. Rocketry The Nambi Effect Review

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