which country made free fire

Which country made free fire app? If you want to know about what games or what is Free Fire, then take a look at this post. This information gives you an idea about the free fire game which gives important information about free fire game country games and free fire. You should complete this post and take full advantage of this information. Which country has made the country a free fire game, free fire?

What is Free Fire?

Free Fire is a mobile game app that is a better online game for smartphones, which wins the game in the last to survive.The game is smaller in size than the PUBG, Free Fire game, and the game can be easily played on entry-level and mid-range smartphones without problems.

Which Country made Free Fire?

PUBG PC Games received positive response. Since then, many game developers have started developing the royal game of battle. Free Fire Game was created by Vietnamese game developer 111dots Studios. Game testing of the game began in September 2017. The beta version of Free Fire was released on November 20, 2018, with the release of the Free Fire game on December 4, 2018. The players received very good support of the game in Thailand and Brazil.

Free Fire which country Game?

Free Fire Game is created by Garana. Garena Free Fire is the most popular Royal Battle Games in the mobile segment. The game has many features that make it different from war games. The game has pits against 49 players on an island.

In 2019, Free Fire was one of the most downloaded mobile games and the game had over 500 million downloads through the Google Play Store.

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Is Free Fire Chinese App? And Free Fire is From Which Country?

Free Fire Game created by Gerna International Private Limited Studios. The studio comes under Studio C Limited, a company based in Singapore and is the current CEO of the Forrest Lee institution of the company. Although the founder of this company is originated from China, this free Fire app cannot be considered Chinese, the game is available for smartphones as well as for gaming devices such as PlayStation and Windows computers available for devices. is also. is.

Is Free Fire Banned In India or Not?

An additional 118 Chinese apps have been banned by the Indian government on 2 September, including the most popular games PUBG and PUBG Lite. And as of now, free fire games are not banned in India and are available free on Android and iOS. However, there is no confirmation of whether the free fire will be active in India.

Which Country Made Free Fire Game – FAQ

When did the Free Fire Game testing begin?

Game testing started in September 2017. The beta of Free Fire was released on November 20, 2018, followed by the release of the Free Fire game on December 4, 2018.

Who developed Free Fire?

the Free Fire Battle games Royale was developed by Vietnamese game developer 111dots digital Studio

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