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Watch Kumkum Bhagya 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update

kumkum bhagya 12th may 2017: Kumkum Bhagya begins with Aaliya trying to convince Abhi to get married.

kumkum bhagya 12th may 2017

Sarla cries and says that none of them care about Pragya even if her dead body comes to the door they will not care. Because marriage happens with blessings but she curses him for his marriage. kumkum bhagya written update

Abhi throws off his turban and garland and says that he is not going to get married. Even though Aaliya tries to convince him against it. Then Tanu’s mother comes to the mandap and starts saying that she had promised him something but she breaks that promise in front of him.

Watch kumkum bhagya 12th may 2017

She keeps on ignoring that he has little time for her and needs to be saved. Tanu stops him saying something if he leaves today she will forget him forever as she is a girl and there is no contract he can sign and leave anytime. Right now Pragya is more important than anyone else. Also Read- Thikka Full Movie Online, Thikka Telugu Movie Online

To ease infection, disease, and spread. It is the same as dear. Doing so is starting to initialize the configuration. Biji scolds Janki, so it is easy.

There the goons bring food for Pragya when she refuses. Then he tells her that now her husband will never come back.

When he refused, the goons went back. Pragya keeps thinking all the time about why Abhi saved her and now thinks that even the last hope is over. Why would she go back with kumkum on her forehead to see Tanu as his wife?

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