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Star Plus Mahabharat All Episodes online Watch And Full Cast

Mahabharat All Episodes online Watch– There is a total of 267 episodes of this show ‘Mahabharat 2013’, which you can watch for free on Hotstar.

Mahabharat All Episodes

The episodes of this show on Hotstar are divided into 27 seasons. We have already given the links of all the 27 seasons on one page. On that page, you will get the rest of the information except the cast & crew of this show. But on this page, you will find links to all 267 episodes of the Mahabharat 2013 serial.

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The Mahabharat Cast

Pooja Sharma

  • As: Draupadi
  • Role: King Dhrupad’s daughter

Aham Sharma

  • As: Karna
  • Role: Surya and Kunti’s son

Aarav Choudhary

  • As: Bhishma
  • Role: King Shantanu and Goddess Ganga’s son

Praneet Bhat

  • As: Shakuni
  • Role: King Subala and Queen Sudharma’s son

Arpit Ranka

  • As: Duryodhana
  • Role: Eldest Kaurava, King Dhritarashtra, and Queen Gandhari’s son

Rohit Bhardwaj

  • As: Yudhisthira
  • Role: First Pandava, Dharmaraj, and Kunti’s son

Saurav Gurjar

  • As: Bhima
  • Role: Second Pandava; Vayu and Kunti’s son

Thakur Anoop Singh

  • As: Dhritarashtra
  • Role: Vyasa and Ambika’s son

Riya Deepsi

  • As: Gandhari
  • Role: King Subala and Queen Sudharma’s daughter

Shafaq Naaz

  • As: Kunti
  • Role: Shurasena’s daughter

Nirbhay Wadhwa

  • As: Dushasana
  • Role: Second Kaurava, King Dhritarashtra and Queen Gandhari’s son

Vin Rana

  • As: Nakula
  • Role: Fourth Pandava, Madri, and Ashwini Kumar’s son

Lavanya Bhardwaj

  • As: Sahadeva
  • Role: Fifth Pandava, Madri, and Ashwini Kumar’s son

Naveen Jinger

  • As: Vidura
  • Role: Dhiratarashtra and Pandu’s younger brother

Nissar Khan

  • As: Drona
  • Role: Royal teacher of Kuru princes and Ashwatthama’s father


  • As: Satyavati
  • Role: Uparichara Vasu’s daughter

Paras Arora

  • As: Abhimanyu
  • Role: Arjun and Subhadra’s son

Ankit Mohan

  • As: Ashwatthama
  • Role: Dronacharya’s son and Duryodhana’s friend

Sameer Dharmadhikari

  • As: Shantanu
  • Role: King of Hastinapur

Puneet Issar

  • As: Parshurama
  • Role: Sage and the teacher of Bhishma

Arun Singh Rana

  • As: Pandu
  • Role: Son of Vyasa and Ambalika

Suhani Dhanki

  • As: Madri
  • Role: Second wife of Pandu

Vivana Singh

  • As: Ganga
  • Role: River goddess

Sudesh Berry

  • As: Drupada
  • Role: King of Panchala and Shikhandini

Veebha Anand

  • As: Subhadra
  • Role: Vasudev and Devki’s daughter

Richa Mukherjee

  • As: Uttara
  • Role: King Virata and Queen Sudeshna’s daughter

Pallavi Subhash

  • As: Rukmini
  • Role: Krishna’s 1st wife


  • As: Hidimbi
  • Role: Bheem’s first wife

Aryamann Seth

  • As: Vichitravirya
  • Role: Son of Satyavati

Aparna Dixit

  • As: Ambika
  • Role: Dhritarashtra’s mother

Mansi Sharma

  • As: Ambalika
  • Role: Pandu’s mother

Ali Hassan

  • As: Takshak
  • Role: Nagaraja

Ratan Rajput

  • As: Amba
  • Role: Princess of Kashi

Ketan Karande

  • As: Ghatotkacha
  • Role: Bheema and Himdimba’s son

Tarun Khanna

  • As: Balrama
  • Role: Krishna and Subhadra’s older brother

Sandeep Rajora

  • As: Surya
  • Role: Lord Sun

Garima Jain

  • As: Dushala
  • Role: Daughter of King Dhritarashtra

Akhilendra Mishra

  • As: Kansa
  • Role: Devaki’s brother

Mahabharat all Episodes

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