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Rudramadevi History, Achievements, and Administration

Rudramadevi History: Many women have also made a very important contribution to the history of India. If we look at the history of our country of India, then we get to see very well the dominance of women’s power in it. Even in the big and historical wars in Indian history, the queens of our country have also sacrificed everything and provided freedom for their coming generations.

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Today we are going to introduce you to the history of Queen Rudramadevi of the Kakatiya dynasty. Despite being a woman, Rudramadevi had successfully established the Kakatiya Dynasty.

He did many important works for his subjects during his reign. If you also want to know the glorious history of Rudramadevi freedom fighters, then definitely read this article of ours till the end.

Rudramadevi History

Maharani Rudramadevi was born in 1262 AD. His father Ganapati Dev was the king of the Kakatiya dynasty. Rudrama devi was one of the most prominent female rulers of the Kakatiya dynasty in Indian history.

Rudrama Devi ruled the Kakatiya kingdom dynasty very efficiently from 1262 to 1295 AD. Despite being a woman, she left no stone unturned to protect the Kakatiya dynasty. This is the reason, that even today people respect her as a goddess.

Birth of Rudramadevi and brief information about her

Full Name Rudrama Devi
Born 1259
Died 27 November 1289
Place of Birth Chandupatla
Children Mumadamm, Ruyyamma people
Father’s Name Ganpati Dev
Husband’s Name Virbhadra
Dynasty Name Kakatiya Dynasty
Other information When Rudrama Devi took over, her age was only 14 years.

Rani Rudrama Devi Marriage

The marriage of Princess Rudrama Devi to the Chalukya prince Virabhadra (Rudrama Devi’s husband’s name) took place. The marriage of Rudrama and Veerabhadra is known as the political marriage of a regional alliance. No one helped him in handling the reign of Veerabhadra Maharani Rudramadevi. Virabhadra was an unsuitable person for Rudramadevi. But Virabhadra and Rudrama devi also had two daughters.

Early Life of Queen Rudrama Devi (Rudramba)

Rudramadevi’s father Ganapati Dev did not have a son, he had only two daughters, one of whom was Rudramadevi and the other daughter Janapmadevi. Apart from this, in those days only male rulers used to dominate in South India. In such a situation, Ganapati Dev was also afraid of the state crisis, because he had not got a son. Ganapati Dev raised Queen Rudrama Devi as a prince and taught her all the arts of warfare.

Rudramadevi started taking her throne with her father by the name of Rudradev at the age of 14. Rani Rudrama Devi had learned at a young age how to handle the royal administration and how a ruler understands the problems of his subjects by going among the people.

Understanding the importance of all these things, he had experienced it well in his childhood. After the death of Maharaja Ganapati Dev, Rudramadevi was consecrated with full rituals and declared as the sole ruler of the Kakatiya dynasty.

He began to rule as the male ruler of Rudradeva, even asking him to use his male name in inscriptions made by artists and workers. Like a male ruler, she also started attending public meetings of her subjects.

Some important events happened in the life of Rudramadevi

  • During the reign of the Kakatiya kingdom, many of his allies did not accept Queen Rudhramadevi as their queen. Apart from this, he also revolted but Queen Rudrama Devi suppressed the rebellion rising towards her and stood as a shield of the Kakatiya kingdom.
  • After her marriage to Virbhadra, her married life was happy only for a few moments. After the death of Veerabhadra, the life of Queen Rudrama Devi became happy.
  • Queen Rudrama Devi made her grandson Prataparudradev the crown prince of the Kakatiya kingdom in 1280.
  • In 1285 the Yadavas, Cholas, and Hoysalas wanted to attack the Kakatiya kingdom and began to prepare a war policy to subjugate the Kakatiya kingdom. But Pratap Rudradev and Rudramadevi together successfully faced all these odd situations.
  • Maharani Rudramadevi had built the Warangal Fort. However, some historians believe that the construction of the Golconda Fort was started at the hands of Queen Regnant.

Attack on Kakatiya Empire and Contribution of Rudramadevi

There came a time in the Kakatiya Empire when many small rulers and Rahis rebels started opposing her during the reign of Queen Rudramadevi and some of her relatives also supported this protest. All the enemies of the Kakatiya kingdom had once started besieging the kingdom of Rudramadevi.

But even in this odd situation, Rudramadevi (Queen Regnan) showed her courage and intelligence very well.
She faced all her enemies with all her might and proved her worth to her throne as a queen.

Once again during the reign of Rudrama Devi (Queen Regnan story), the Devagiri and Yadava rulers tried to conquer the couple’s kingdom, but Rudramadevi thwarted their efforts with her determination.

Rudramadevi successfully ran her reign for four decades, spreading good administration, a good judicial system, equality among administrators, and peace. This is the reason that during his reign historians have described it as a golden period in the history of Andhra.

Inspired by the life of Rudramadevi, the film ‘Rudramadevi’

Telugu film director Gunasekhar directed the Telugu historical film Rudramadevi (Queen Regnant film story). Gunasekhar made the film Rudramadevi inspired by true events that happened in the history of Telugu. The film was released in Indian cinemas on 9 October 2015. In this film, Telugu industry artist Anushka Shetty was seen in the lead role of Rudramadevi.

The character of the husband of Queen Regnant was played by Rana Daggubati. Apart from this, Allu Arjun also appeared in the film playing the character of Gona Ganna Reddy. The film earned ₹ 900000000. This historical film was well-liked by the Indian audience.

Below is the YouTube link to the Hindi trailer of the film made on Rani Rudrama Devi, which you can watch.

Rudramadevi Death

This courageous queen probably died in 1289 while fighting Ambadeva. But some people say that he died in 1295 AD. Queen Rudramadevi made the son of one of her two daughters a Kumar of the Kakatiya kingdom.


In our country, many queens have sacrificed for the independence of their empire. We should always remember the sacrifice of all those courageous women. Maharani Queen Regnant also never shied away from her duties and did all the work for her empire which in a way a male ruler does.

Even today’s women are seen showing their efficiency well in their respective fields of work. If you liked this article “Rudramadevi History in Hindi” presented by us, then you must share it with your friends and family. Also, write your valuable suggestions in the comment box below.

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